Sunday, February 6, 2011

King's Bounty: Crossworlds Review

Gamerman back for another grand review!
Due to a 'special request' (one person), I have decided to do a review on an RPG for the PC that I truly enjoy.
So here goes the review for..

King's Bounty: Crossworlds

Quick back story. I bought this game, along with a hundred others, when it was on sale during the epic Steam Christmas sale. At first I had no idea what to expect, I like RPGs but this seemed to delve into the hardcore Might & Magic audience and it does but it has its own specialties. 

You are a princess and your kingdom is under attack by a large demon that was had supposedly beaten in the first game. It is back for revenge and it is knocking on your door ready to kick your ass. Luckily you are not without a plan, your father gives you the Hourglass of.. something that allows you to travel to another world in order to find the brave knight who defeated the demon in the last game. Your task was to give the hourglass to the king's counselor but your bullheadedness causes you to go yourself into the vast world and search out the knight. In this crazy new world you experience monsters like none before, you are given a task to collect these magic stones in order to make yourself more powerful, and you've still got to find the knight! It tries to do a lot but sadly it fails at sucking you in. In the end it's just a block of words preventing you from fighting some battles. You don't really care if you get the knight, just that you are level 100 before it happens.

This ain't your regular tomb.

The gameplay is what makes and breaks this game. It gets really difficult very fast and you WILL die multiple times so you better save. The battles take place in a Might & Magic strategy RPG setting. You control multiple units through battle (5 tops) and place them around the board each turn. You can attack and you can defend. You are also given a pet dragon that attacks for you every so often, it also levels up with how often you use it. It can be very useful when you are in a bind with a powerful enemy. There really isn't a strong loot system in place. You often don't get weapons or anything from enemies and when you do they usually are worse than your starter equipment (why?!). Instead you buy all your supplies at stores on nearby islands.


The majority of the game takes place on islands and the enemies are visible on screen and on radar. Clicking above them will also show you the power of the group and whether you stand any chance of taking it on. It's good fun to try to take on strong enemies and even more fun seeing weak enemies cower in fear. However it quickly wears off and you get to many points in the game where the enemies are always just too strong, no matter what you do. It involves a lot of grinding and unnecessary quests to even stand a chance to these enemies. This may scare off a few easy-going players but the hardcore RPG fanatics will see this as a plus.


The world discovered in Crossworlds isn't the greatest fantasy world of the ages but it is simple and colorful though. It doesn't strive for anything new. It's set in an animated environment akin to those found in Might & Magic but a little more cutesy. Each island has a nice  feel to it. Even if all that changes is simple weather changes or enemy changes, you feel like you're on a different place every time you travel. It's good tactic to draw the player in.


King's Bounty: Crossworlds is a great game but it throws a few lacking punches. The dialogue in this game is horrendous, you will hate talking to any NPC because all they do is jabber on about quests in the longest way possible. They could have made speaking to them more interesting but instead you'll find yourself skipping what anyone has to say and concentrate on the quest objective. The soundtrack is pretty generic too. It doesn't necessarily add to the experience most of the times and you'll usually hear a few repeating tunes.

Giant.. turtle monster. Does it get any better than that?

But that doesn't change that this is still a fun game, it's just. not for everyone. If you are a hardcore RPG enthusiast, you'll be playing this for the grindfest, not the story. It's not a hugely deep experience but once you hit your stride, you will not want to put this down (I've got 17 hours on it). If you are not into the other type of games into this genre, you will probably want to give this game a pass.

Overall I'm giving this a Gamerman


Please give me suggestions for anything else to review, I'm always open to ideas.

Let me clarify. The 35$ comes with Armored Princess, Crossworlds, and The Legend.


The 15$ one just comes with the new Crossworlds game.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

NGP Post

Hey guys, Gamerman here.
I know I post a lot of stuff about the 3DS (because I really want it) but that doesn't mean I don't want the NGP too!









Hope you guys enjoy!

Gamerman OUT!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Steam Accounts

Just a mini-update.
Not really an update but if anyone wants to game with me on Steam or just wants to add, I will leave my ID here ;)
Add yours too in a comment so we can all be buddies forever.

Steam ID: Cseru1

100 Followers! Plus Galaga 3D

Hey all. Gamerman here.
First of all, thanks for the 100 followers, you guys are seriously the best.
I try my best to run a quality blog here and I'm glad to see at least some people like it, so thanks!

Here's some screenshots from an upcoming 3DS game called

Pacman & Galaga Dimensions













And if you guys haven't pre-ordered the 3DS yet..

Do it here :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Void Review

Gamerman back for a brand new GamerMan review on...

The Void

I'm sorry if you guys are getting tired of all the Steam games I am reviewing but that's partly because I bought a LOT of them during the winter sale so stay with me. 

 The Void is a very complex game that I found very difficult to review. The difficulty? The freedom it provides. You can do absolutely ANYTHING you want. You are a soul who is in a place between absolute darkness and life called The Void. The Void lives off of color, it gives life to the Sisters who reside over the Void, to the trees, and more importantly to the Brothers who watch over the void.

The story is simple and confusing. You are a soul who's been saved by a Sister, a watcher of The Void. Each of these sisters rule a realm of The Void with a Brother watching over them except for one Sister. The brothers have all left because of the lack of Color in the Void. You, as a soul, attract the attention of these Brothers after you bring the return of Color to the world and the beasts that come with it. Being blind, the Brothers don't know you are not like one of them but they have their doubts so they test you. You can choose to follow their orders or not. The game is yours to play. You must choose whether to help the Sisters or become a Brother.

The gameplay is about the whole game. You must collect Color. You must grow Color and you must consume Color. In order to survive in the void, you have to inject color into your body or else The Void will destroy you. The gimmick is that the Color you consume is gone forever so instead of just taking color you must harvest Color in trees as a source of income. Every now and then a cycle turns and that's when the color you invest in trees grows to give you some Color income. Cycles also mean color is created in other areas and more importantly, cycles are usually the deadline for the brother's tasks. You must choose what to do and how to do it. 

In addition to collecting color, you must also collect hearts. Hearts contain glyphs, things you can draw you give you special attributes or power. The Donor glyph allows you to give color to anything, the Web glyph can stick on to enemies and explode to anything that touches the enemy. Attacks and attributes are gained and must be used wisely in The Void. 

To unlock new areas in The Void, Sisters must be given color so they can allow you to pass on to another sister. That always means giving two specific colors to them so they can grow stronger and.. well you know the rest. 

If you fail to complete your task however, you must face a Brother. These battles differ depending on what Brother you have angered and they are all extremely difficult if you are not well prepared. Some are impossible without the help of certain glyphs and only serve to beat you down for not completing the task in time.

It's incredibly hard to master but incredibly satisfying to understand. As frustrating as it might be, it's extremely rewarding.

A bit more scarier than the big bad wolf.

In this section I am not going to be talking about texture quality or any sort of that thing because the game instead focuses on the atmosphere. The game takes place in a dark space where it seems like all hope is lost. The Sisters all have their own appearance and presentations that make them unique and likable in their own different ways. The Brothers are all creepy and crazy in their own ways but you can't help like some over the others. The way they use their graphical capabilities is not graphically impressive, it's artistically impressive. 

So um.. who's next?

The game makes you feel like you are in that world, that you belong there. You are the soul.

But to be honest.. This game is far from perfect. The ideas are sometimes poorly executed, there are various bugs and glitches that have forced me to start over.  The biggest downfall is the ending; It is severely lacking. If they had just fixed some of their smaller issues, it would have been one of my favorite games because I am forced to consider these aspects into the final score.

I still enjoyed myself thoroughly though and my experience was great until the end so for that I will rate this game a...


If you'd like to buy this game, it is 10$ on Steam. Though it has it's problems, it is well worth the price.

Try it.     

Gamerman's Return!

Hey guys, I'm back!
Man, has school been EXHAUSTING?!? I've been there from 9am to 11 PM for the last three days.
Anyways, here's some real news.

BlazBlue is coming to the 3DS and I wanted to share the trailer with you guys. Trust me, this game will be of GamerMan quality. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More news incoming.

 Just updating and apologizing for the delay.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gamerman Here

Hey guys, going to school.
Gamerman here with a few quick updates.

1) I'm welcoming any suggestions for reviews, the blog is for the people and I've love to share my thoughts with you.
2) I may be generally busy with school as it is sucking up hours of my life but be patient and I'll be delivering the news I know you guys crave.
3) I've got a new puppy, I named it Ray.

Please hang tight folks, updates soon.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Gamerman back for a Gamerman update!
Just got some new screenshots for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS. The game's called Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and it is looking great!
Needless to say, Gamerman likes it.







Whattya guys think? I for one am waiting daily for the release of this game. Gamerman can never get enough of Kingdom Hearts! Leave your comments and discuss some good ol' Heartless killing.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Before Gamerman heads to school, there's one game I would REALLY like to review.
So here goes my second review!

Bully: Scholarship Edition for the PC

Now let's start with..

This game's story isn't nothing groundbreaking though it isn't the premise that is eye-catching, it's the way they use it. The plot starts off with Jimmy, an obviously bad-egg, being dropped off at a new private school because he was expelled from another. There he befriends... and then beats up.. then hooks up with ;). This is an anarchist approach to school and it's a doggy dog world at Bullsworth Academy. The game doesn't take too many different approaches with the way things are usually done but instead polishes them and proves that there is no bland storyline, just bad writing! 

Can't touch this

The story will keep you hooked from start to finish, there were a couple of 5 hour sessions I had because I just could not stop. 

This game is FUN. No question about it. If you've ever played any of the Grand Theft Auto series, you'll know why. The freedom this game gives you is enormous and Gamerman LOVES it! The gameplay is real simple now.. You are either beating stuff up or playing mini-games so you can beat stuff up better. The perfect man's game. 


There are different arrays of weapons coming from slingshots to potato launchers to eggs, this game just throws everything at you. One of the really fun things about being in a school setting is that there are classes to attend that help you overall with the game, even if it's just a bonus to health when you're kissing the ladies. I doubt you'll do most of the mini-games however, they are optional (depending on how fast you can run away). Instead of doing all the mini-games, I just did all the story missions. But that's me, I'm glad they put them in there because they ARE fun.

They're aight. This game is new-old. It's kind of old because compared to graphics on right now, they are outdated. This doesn't stop the experience at all however, of course better graphics would increase the experience but they are not needed for this game. I'm not a huge graphics pusher so that's all for this section.

Ever play Grand Theft Auto? Oh, five times you say? Same amount of times you'll be playing this puppy. Even if it's just for finishing those classes you didn't finish, trying to find ALL the damn collectibles, or just !@$#ing around, you will be back. I've replayed the story over and over and it never gets boring because they always throw in these missions that are an absolute BLAST to play. Trust me, it's fun. 
They see skatin', they hatin'

This game is nice, simple traditional fun. I'd compare it with great games like The Oregon Trail and NAHHH. This game is great, you can whale on people, you can.. whale on people AND you can.. Well you get it. There's so much more though. You explore, the characters are really fun and alive and you will love to hate them. The collectibles will have you grasping at straws and the bike races will leave you with something to do. There's options and that's always nice to have. I'm seriously recommending this game because I had such a blast with it, I believe you guys will too.

I'm giving this my first Gamerman..

It costs 15$ on Steam.

Grab it while it's hot ;)


Just letting everyone know, Gamerman is a college student so he's got a lot on his plate. HOWEVER, he will update every day around 2-5 PM Pacific Time so if your really interested in his blog, check it out around that time!

GAMERMAN OUT. C'ya in a few hours.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gamerman's First Review!

GAMERMAN is back, I know fast right? I thought I'd start my first day strong and review a game for all you Gamerman fans ( and the ladies too ;) ). Gamerman has just bought a big gaming PC (Gamerman loves ALL dem consoles) and he is LOVING it.

So first up on the review plate,



This is the ultimate zombie/creature/whateverthehelltheyare monster survival game. No L4D (though Gamerman enjoys it too), it takes more strategy than your average grab a gun and GO.

A nice little touch is that there are five different perks in the game, all serving their own purposes.

The Commando is your basic soldier, GET IN THERE AND TAKE THOSE SUCKAS OUT!
The Medic is your best bro friend, he'll heal you but he's no second man to anyone. He's right there killin' some baddies.
The Firebug is your basic pyro man, he'll support you and take care of the little monsters while everyone else worries abou-- OH SHI, FLESHPOUND!
The Demolitions man worries about setting up traps for big mobs and bigger monsters and with his rocket launches and stuff, he'll do a great deal of damage to the really scary enemies.
And last, the Support Specialist is your basic handyman! He'll lock doors so those big baddies can't get ya and with his shotgun support, he won't be too bad of member either.

These perks level up with their own perk specific level ups and the more they level up, the more efficient they become. More damage, cheaper weapons, sometimes even some cool side effects (like being able to see enemy health).

Gamerman really enjoys this game because it's teamwork at a really fine point, you have to work together to survive. If you get to the last wave of enemies, someone really fun will also suprise you.

Photobucket BAM HEADSHOT!

The game takes a while to get used to but it's really satisfying once you found that something your real good that. The graphics are a bit outdated but it also gives gamers with lower-end PC's to play the game so Gamerman doesn't mind. Some complain there is no crossfire but Gamerman challenges you to take out a TOY gun and aim at something.. WHERE'S YOUR CROSSFIRE?!?

The community is alive and well with some great players helping out the newer players and helpin' them to grow and stuff. I've joined over 20 servers and all of them were understanding of new peeps and even gave 'em money and helped them (though they quickly died, hahahaha).

Photobucket You comin' at me? YOU COMIN' AT ME?!

The game doesn't come without it's faults though. It can get really repetitive really fast, killin' them same monsters and same people. The same soundtrack plays over.. and over.. and over.. and over.. and over.. and over..

But than again, you can say that about almost any game, so Gamerman STILL loves it!

Overall score, Gamerman gives it a 9/10.
Comment on what you think and give me games to play and review, I got time man!

Gamerman's First Gaming Blog~!

Hey guys, this is GAMERMAN, coming at you with my first blog ever.
First, I just want to say I'm looking forward to my beautiful fans (they will come) who will appreciate me, that is all.

Now, 3DS! Who the hell is excited about that? GAMERMAN IS!



You CANNOT tell me that does not look B-E-A-T-IFUL
That's right, check this out.


Don't see a difference? GET OUT!
Nah, Gamerman loves everyone.

Remember to return the love and STAY TUNED!